We learned about helping one another from our family. We couldn’t sleep on a full stomach knowing that our neighbours were hungry. We were taught to improve by sharing, and we grew up sharing all.

When we transformed our jewelry shop in Çorum into a conglomerate by working hard and taking the right steps; we never forgot our origins, nor our responsibility to our homeland.

We are aware that the only way for our country's future to be as solid as it deserves is if it is in good hands. For this reason, as Ahlatcı Holding, besides providing employment in many fields, we are happy to be able to help those in need; to build dormitories for our students to live in; to share our food with our neighbors and to build mosques via the Ahlatcı Education, Health and Welfare Foundation.

We are very glad to be doing our best not only for our homeland Çorum, but also for our powerful country and future generations. To improve and develop instead of waiting, we believe in taking action today.


is the promise,

of winners,

while “tomorrow”

is that of losers.